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At Catisfaction Bespoke, cats come first. And we know a healthy cat is a happy cat - and a happy owner!

Cats are most content when they get stimulated mind as well as in body, and we have a great range of Activity Games revolving around food rewards from hunting, because, lets face it, cats #1 thing is hunting (well, #2 thing, as #1 is probably sleeping!)


Check out these fun games for your kitty ....

Activity Toys



Brain Mover

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Fun Board


Tunnel Feeder


Snack Box

The Snack Box is great for greedy cats as they have to use their paws to get to the food and cannot eat it all too fast!

The Tunnel Feeder is a little bit like Kerplunk for Cats! Snacks drop into one of 6 different tubes at random and the cat has to dart aroundto find the snack.  Great for multi-cat households!

The Brain Mover is an especially good toy for older and sick cats as it does not involve too much movement but still keeps them stimulated and interested.

The Fun Board is similar to the Brain Mover, but less moving parts and has 5 different modules to interest your cats sense of smell, taste and sight.