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About Us

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At Catisfaction Bespoke, we specialise in making Bespoke products

for, well, cats!


We either design and make the products ourselves in our Workshop

in the Scottish Borders, or we source items that we feel are 'best in

class' and that we would be 100% happy for our own VIP (Very Important Pets) to have, play with and enjoy. Many of the items you see as you look around the site will have been product tested extensively by Kizzy, our  three year old Calico Moggy


Our Speciality is for Real Wood Cat Trees, using solid wooden posts and thick sisal rope designed to give many years of service to your cats, and a choice of platforms for them to sit and survey their domain, or to just relax and sleep in.

We will also be creating our very own range of handmade cat Settees and Chaise Longues very soon, in a selction of colours and finishes which will look fabulous in your home and both you and your car will love!

Contact us to discuss how you would like us to make your tree or settee!

We visit Craft Fairs around the Scottish Borders and will be attending Cat Shows whenever possible to show off our products, so if you would like to see one of our Cat Trees 'in the wood',  so to speak, please check the events diary on our  Facebook page, or subscribe to Kizzy's Twitter Feed (see the feed on the right for the lastest tweets), or send us a message


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