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Natural Cat Trees

There are Cat Trees, and there are Catisfaction Bespoke Cat Trees.


Our Natural Range of Cat Trees are made with Solid wooden posts, partially wrapped in thick Sisal ropes, so the beauty of the real wood can show through, while still giving a great area for your cat to claw and grab onto (rather then your furniture!).


We make the Natural Trees to your own needs; you can have one, two or more posts on the base; a post length to suit your cats needs ... maybe a shorter post for the less agile cat to be able to get to a lookout platform or sleeping nest, or a nice tall one for the cat that is king (or queen) of it all surveys!

You can chose whether to have an exposed natural wood base or a carpet-covered base, the number of platforms and the faux-fur design covering from our selection of fabrics.


Because we usually make our trees to order to your specifications, it is not possible to give an exact price here, but we will give you a firm price when we complete the design and you can decide if you would like to go ahead. We sometimes have some Natural Cat Trees available for immediate delivery - check the shop for stock, or email us to discuss how you would like us to make your tree!

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