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Real Wood Cat Trees (also known as Scratching Posts) are our key item.  These are constructed from Solid Posts, fully or partially wrapped in thick sisal rope and can be made for indoor and also outdoor use.  We also make Tube Cat Trees for more cost-conscious budgets and smaller cats, but these are still high-quality trees we are proud of!

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We will be introducing a brand new range of Cat Beds shortly which will be unique in appearance we believe in the world of cat beds and even in the world of Pet Beds!

More information will be released when we will have them available for sale, but until then, we're keeping them under our hat!

At Catisfaction Bespoke, we also look at the day to day needs of of your Pets, not just the bigger items like scratchers and beds.

We make our own cat toys, and also have a great range of Activity Games you and your cat can enjoy together.

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We have a lovely selection of Bowls to chose from, and some healthy nutrious snacks that can be used with the Activity Games, or fed to your kitty just as a treat.

We also have some other nice cat and pet paraphernalia ideal for gifts for the animal-mad friend or family members

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