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Let's face it, cats LOVE Hunting. They are one of natures born predators and even when fed unlimited food, will still want to go out hunting - it's just in-built and the most satistying meal for a cat is usually the one they've caught themselves!

And all cats play is centred around stalking and the chase - be it teaser toys or trying to extract a snack from a container.


We have a great range of Activity Training Toys centred around meals and snacks - using these Activity Toys, your kitty will have to use their instincts and their brains to obtain their tasty nibbles and this will help satisfy those killer instincts and help to stop them wanting to go out to bring in the mice and birds.


As well as these activity toys we have some healthy snacks to either use with them, or to just treat your cat whenever you like to.


We also have our 'Eco Toy' range of cat teasers,  which minimise the use of plastics  whenever possible and are made by ourselves in a variety of designs and ones your cats will love to play with, as well as a range of other carefully selected toys.





Toys and Training

Featured Activity Toy - Fun Board




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