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Cat Trees

There are Cat Trees, and there are Catisfaction Bespoke Cat Trees.


We recommend our Natural Range of Cat Trees, made with Solid wooden posts, partially wrapped in thick Sisal ropes for the ultimate in quality and longevity.

We are able to make our real wood cat trees for outdoor use as a well if required, ideal for smaller gardens where there may not be any trees.


We can also make Tube-based cat trees, but we only select top-quality heavy duty cardboard tube, wrapped in strong sisal rope. These are suitable for kittens and smaller cats (upto around 3Kg), but we recommend the real wood construction for multi-cat households or large cats.


Both our custom Wood or Tube Cat Trees are available with exposed natural wood base or a carpet-covered base, type of platforms and the faux-fur design covering from our selection of fabrics




Sleeping  Platforms

Cats love to sleep up high, and adding a Nest for them to snuggle into is a perfect addition to a Catisfaction Cat Tree!

And for the ultimate in kitty comfort, you could chose a 'cat sack'!  Your cat can disappear into their own little dreamworld curled up inside their floating bed.