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There are basic tube Cat Scratchers and there are Catisfaction Bespoke Tube Cat Scratchers.

Our main cat trees are made from Real Wooden Posts and are Bespoke, made to customers specific orders and requirements.


But sometimes, you need a cat tree in a rush, or a much simpler Scratcher & Platform setup, and this is where we can help with our selection of Tube-based trees.

The typical cat tree you see in most pet shops or on-line are constructed from cardboard tubes wrapped in jute or sisal string and with chipboard bases AND chipboard platforms.

These trees do not survive an onslaught of cats claws for very long at all and you would be lucky to get even a year of use from many of them!


Our Tube Cat Scratchers and Trees are still made from cardboard tubes, but they are heavy duty extra thick tubing, and are wrapped from end to end in thick sisal rope (we don't skimp by using material at the top and bottom to save on rope - this may look nice initially, but usually fails within weeks).  

We use either a heavy-duty chipboard base or plywood base, but unless stated otherwise, we only use birch furniture-grade ply for the platforms, just the same as used on the Real Wood Cat Trees, and the full range of fabrics for the covers


The Tube Trees are suitable for kittens upto medium sized cats, but for the larger build cats (>4Kg), or a tree for multiple cats and multiple platforms, we would recommend the Natural Wood Cat Trees only for a long and useful working life.


Tube Scratchers and Platforms

Full Tube Cat Tree

We occasionally have complete tube-construction cat trees for sale at special prices for those 'need-it-now' situations!

please check the shop for stock specials


Tubes used for commercial cat trees vary tremendously in

quality and thickness. We

use high-strength tubes

with M8 fittings for

rigidity and thick

sisal rope.